Monday, August 11, 2008


 This is an activity that we did for the 4th of July, but can be used any day. These windsocks can be made with any mix of colors. Because ours were for Independence day, we stuck with red, white & blue.
Supplies needed: construction paper, ribbon or yarn, scissors, glue or tape. A few additional optional supplies include a paper punch, stickers, and markers/crayons.
Choose the color of paper to be used for the main tube of the windsock. If your child wants to decorate the wind sock with stickers or markers/crayons, this is a good time to do that while you do some cutting. Choose the colors for the tails and cut them into strips lengthwise. Once the decorating is done, flip the paper over and either add glue dots down along the long side of the paper for the child to place the tail strips on or else tape them down.
If you used glue you will need to let the strips dry before moving on.
The next step is to roll the paper into a tube and secure it with tape or glue. I would suggest tape for this part. Then attach some yarn or ribbon with just tape or else loop through some paper punched holes. We punched 3 holes evenly space around the top. Wrapping paper ribbon was run through each hole, knotted and also tied to a long piece to hang it all up by. Yarn would work better than that ribbon. One everything is tied or taped tightly, your windsock is ready to blow in the breeze. These were particularly festive to look at and the imperfections were great!

Idea was inspired by Parents Magazine and altered by the supplies I had on hand.

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