Thursday, September 4, 2008

Foam Stamping

I just love these foam stamps. You can purchase them at any craft store, dollar stores, etc. You can get them any where from @ $.25-$1.00 depending on sales, clearance,etc. On this project we used paints, but you can also use stamp pads which are a lot cleaner. I always rinse the stamps right after they are used or use a wipe to get the paint off for the next user.

The girls prefer 2 plates for each color, one to dip their stamp in the other to swirl off all the excess they do not need. Just a personal preference.

Then they just press down and stamp on the page.

The beautiful finished projects. We discussed animals and everything about them so we used animal stamps on this project.

Not all projects in our home go as smoothly and clean as I would like them. Yet, fun all the same!!


dana said...

fun site! Love the idea! You both very fun crafty ideas for kids....something I never seem to come up with (besides the normal "let's color" etc.) Thanks for posting your ideas!

dana said...

cute name too. PERFECT!