Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Foot and Hands Reindeer

This is the type of project I like to keep. It's not that it is amazing, but it does archive those little hands and feet!
Supplies needed - Just the basics: construction paper, scissors, glue, and a pen/pencil/marker for tracing.
Trace your child's hands. Don't worry about being perfect, we'll flip the hands around when we glue them, so no mess ups will show.
Also trace one foot - with our without a shoe one.
Cut them out. Also cute out some eyes and a nose (or just draw them on).
Flip all the pieces over so the writing is on the back and then glue, glue, glue. The foot shape for the reindeer can be up or down, which ever you prefer.


dana said...

really cute idea.
and i'm with you...way to archive those cute feet and hands.

Amanda said...

very cute. I might even be able to do this if I can wrangle the little dude long enough to trace ...