Friday, January 30, 2009

Lacing Cards

There are only so many movies your kids can watch when their down in bed sick. So, this craft was inspired for a sick day activity, but of course can be used for any type of activity, outing, church etc. It is a great thing to have handy in the diaper bag.

First pick out any color foam sheet you would like to use for your cards. They seem to always be on sale at your local craft store for cheap. Anywhere between $.25-$.50.

Next trace or draw your desired pattern onto the foam sheet. Then cut it out.

You are then ready to take your hole punch and punch holes around your pattern. You can do as many or as few as you like.

Of course then you are finished and ready to lace. You can purchase shoe string laces & tie a knot at one end and lace away. You could even wash them & use old shoe string laces if you'd like.

My two year old has been having a great time lacing with her different patterns. Very easy, very quick and very entertaining.

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Lettie said...

Smart. I've been trying to think of a cheap way to make lace-up cards without saving cereal boxes. We'll definitely have to do this one!