Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's What's Inside That Counts...

We made hearts with glitter and tissue paper pieces in them today. They were really easy and a lot of fun. Definitely worth trying it out. My 4 year old enjoyed it, my 2 year old might not have enjoyed it as much if she would have tried, to many steps.

All you need is:
2 pieces of card stock
Contact paper
tissue paper
(for more stuff in your window you can use beads, or anything else you'd like)

First I drew a heart on each piece of card stock & had my daughter cut them out.

Then cut out your window in one of the hearts (I did this) as well as cut out your contact paper heart. At this point we applied the non sticky portion of the heart against the window of the heart and taped it down ready for her to put in the tissue & glitter.

Next, cut or tear little pieces of white, pink & red tissue paper. We cut pretty small pieces, about you can do whatever size you choose. Then place on your window (the sticky side) where ever you wish.

Finally, sprinkle glitter until you 'hearts' content. I know some have fears of glitter, what's not to fear, it gets EVERYWHERE!!! It is fun though and is so sparkly and pretty! After you put everything on you sticky heart then take glue or a glue stick and put it all around the borders of your heart. Then take you other full heart and place it on top and press it down so it is nice and secure.

And there you have it. You heart filled with LOVE...or lots of fun stuff!

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