Friday, March 6, 2009

Swimming with the Fishes

No, not a mob related project. In our co-op preschool this week we learned about ocean animals. I had many fun craft ideas I found (which hopefully I will get to and share). I decided last minute to go with one I found on No Time For Flashcards because it seemed the most doable for our 2 & 3 year olds. I altered it slightly from her original idea.
Supplies needed:
-construction paper (one piece for the background, one for the bowl and one for the water, and scraps for the fish and plants)
-finger paint

First I drew a fish bowl shape on half sheets of white paper and green paper. I cut out the green bowl while the kids used blue and green finger paints to make the water on the white paper.
My 2 year old really got into the painting.
While the kids are painting (or while the paint is drying) you can cut out different fish and plants. While the paint dried we read some fish books. The two my boys kept asking for for the next few days were The Deep Blue Sea by Audrey Wood
And The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark (a cute spin on The Three Little Pigs) by Will Grace (not to be confused with Will & Grace).

We fished with this fun puzzle by Melissa and Doug, who I think have a lot of super cute toys. They played with this after we read the books and all the boys wanted to fish out the shark!
Once the paint is dry, cut the water out and then let your child (with or without help) glue the fishbowl pieces down on the background paper. Next up is just adding the fish and plants to the bowl.

All done.

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