Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lucky Sorting

We did this activity on St. Patrick's Day (slow posting, I know), but it really could be used any day. It is great for color and shape recognition,plus the kids get a snack while doing it!
Items needed:
-Box of Lucky Charms
-(We used an ice cube tray to help sort, but it is optional)
In our box of Lucky Charms there were 8 shapes which was perfect because our ice cube tray has 16 spaces. I cut little squares out of paper that would fit in the trays. You could also just make a grid on a regular piece of paper (much easier). Then each square was assigned the color or shape to match one of the marshmallows. I put the matching color and shape side by side, but that can be moved around for more difficulty. One thing I would suggest is not separating the marshmallows and cereal. I tried this and the marshmallows get stuck together. Have fun sorting!

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