Friday, April 3, 2009

Manners Mobile

This is a very basic and simple mobile.
-paper -scissors -tape -markers -yarn -clothes pins (optional and not pictured)
I actually cut out and wrote the words on the papers before we started the project. As I read my kids a book about manners (see more below) I gave them the word sign to match. Then they held them up and repeated the manners phase.
Let the kids color the clothes pins (if you are using them) with markers. The clothes pin make the mobile mobile (like my clever use of both pronunciations of the word?). You could just as easily just tape it to the ceiling or wall.
As they were coloring, I taped the cut out shapes to the yarn.
As they finished up with their clothes pins, those were also tied to the yarn. (The kids can help more with these parts too. I was just short on time and helping several boys at once.)
After the mobiles were essentially done, more personal touches were added to the shapes.
I don't know if my older son was protesting manners or just being thorough with his coloring.
I found a lot of books about manners when I was at the library. Here are a few I liked.

Time to Say "Please"! by Mo Willems. I am generally a fan of his books and this one ended up being the inspiration for our project. I made our shapes similar to the signs that are held throughout the book as the reader learns about manners.

Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra, illustrated by J. Otto Seibold. Cute story, fantastic pictures. Maybe the poor "big bad" wolf is truly misunderstood.

Yes, Please! No, Thank You! by Valerie Wheeler, illustrated by Glin Dibley. The kids loved this one because it required them to respond back to the book. It was good practice for adding "please" after "yes," and "thank you" after "no" instead of the less polite one word versions.

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Nicole said...

Very cute idea! A great visual reminder for children.