Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blast Off!

This is the last of the space projects I have to share. This one is a craft with an optional game.
Part of my lesson on teaching the kids about space was to give them a visual on the different sizes of the planets in comparison to each other. Obviously not exact, but the right idea.
To learn more about each planet, we needed to send an astronaut to them. And how does an astronaut fly? In a rocket ship!
For this fun project, you'll need construction paper scraps), scissors, tape, a pen (or similar sized item) to help shape the rocket, and a marker if you want to draw on the rocket. (To make the rocket fly, you will also need a straw.)
Cut out a small rectangle from the paper. Make it just big enough that it overlaps when you wrap it around a pen (or you can use the straw to wrap it around too, but that is not as sturdy). I also taped on a little flame at the bottom. Tape the paper into a tube.
Then pinch the end and tape shut. You want to make sure no air is escaping the rocket or it won't blast off right.
Your rocket is now ready for launching!
Place it on the end on the straw and let your child blow it up into space.
And if you'd like, you can stop after each launch to explain a little more about the planet it lands by. There are many resources for this - print outs from the internet, books from the library, or flashcards.

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