Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's, Fun with Food

Homemade SUCKERS!! Yum Yum & Super Easy!!

All you need is:

-Bag of Jolly Ranchers
-Suckers sticks
-Cookie Sheet

First unwrap all the jolly ranchers and separate into piles of each color. While you are doing this Preheat your oven to 275 degrees to get ready for your candy.

Then spray the cookie sheet with Pam or some other greasing spray. This way they won't stick when you go to remove them. Then place 3 colors together in any color sequence you choose.

Place on top rack in your oven. I cooked mine for 8-10min. You may need to watch your the first time to see how long your may take since oven temperatures can vary due to altitudes. When you see they are all melted remove from oven.

Remove from oven & place your sucker sticks on the candy. Twist the stick around a bit until it is completely covered and then let them cool. While they are cooling you can take a knife (I used a plastic one) and shape it into a nice rectangle or square for a better looking sucker. (this picture is before they have been shaped)

Then ENJOY!!


Dartay said...

Mmmm, looks yummy!

Amy said...

I'm not sure who you are, but WOW! Thank you for being so willing to share your ideas. I'm a stay at home mom in Indiana who teaches 4-year old's in church and will be assisting a sort of home school for my preschooler this year. Thank you for all the fabulous ideas!!!

Tina said... the HOLY HECK did you get these back of the cookie sheet? I had to throw my sheet and all in the trash.

Nicole said...

I am sorry everyone, I think I left out the step to SPRAY THE PAN WITH PAM or some kind of greasing spray before you put them on and place them in the oven. Sorry!!