Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Trees

I know it's been awhile, but hopefully we'll pick up speed a little here. I do more projects with the kids in colder weather. Fall is in full swing around here. This project is one that allows you to have a nature activity mixed with the craft.

The first step is to go out and enjoy the fall weather. Bring some bags along for your child(ren) to collect leaves in as you take a hike in the woods. A variety of colors makes a prettier picture, but let the child pick whatever they wish.
Once home, gather some supplies. You'll just need your gathered leaves and the basics:
-construction paper
First paint the child's hand and partial arm brown. The arm is going to be the trunk, so the more arm, the taller the tree.
Help them squish their arm down on the paper, pressing a down so as much paint as possible comes off the hand onto the paper.
You can do as many or as little trees as you like.
After letting the paint dry a little (or you could even do this when it is still wet, I preferred to wait though), let the child put glue down for leaves. If they are a little younger or need help, you may want to just ask them where they would like the glue and do it for them.
Place the leaves.
And there you have your own autumnal tree for inside the house!

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Nicole said...

LOVE this idea, very cute! I will have to introduce this to my kids.