Thursday, September 2, 2010

Snip & Rip

I needed a way to occupy the boys while I sewed. In my sewing room was a stack of old magazines I had sorted through and had piled up for the recycle bin. I decided to let them rip up the magazines. They loved it. Even better was when I threw decorative scissors in the mix.
 The other day the kids were bored and so I let them repeat the activity at the table. Each boy got a bowl to put their paper pieces in and a pair of safety scissors.
And of course they already had their fingers to do as much ripping as they liked.
After I started letting them have at it with my discarded magazines, I read in a "yearbook" compilation book put together by The Mailbox Magazine that having a table available with papers to tear and cut is a good fine motor skill activity for preschool and kindergarten classrooms. So, not only to the kids have a blast, they are actually developing skills that they will need through out life.

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