Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 I took my kids to a birthday party a few years ago at The Little Gym. One of the activities they did involved bubbles. As the instructor had kids run around she was blowing bubbles like I had never seen before. They were small and didn't pop right away and didn't make a giant mess. I really was in awe. (And I had bubbles still attached to me on the way home.) After the party was done I asked what kind of bubbles they were and she said that they were from Gymboree. Despite never shopping there (although I have gotten some of their things as gifts or second hand and they are adorable), I decided I must have those bubbles.
photo from Gymboree
 They come with a "wand" and a holder for the bottle of bubbles for about $6. Kind of steep for bubbles, I realize, but they really are amazing. (I'm just sharing information here, so sorry if it feels like I'm giving a sales pitch!)  Anyway, it's winter and where we are that means snow and sometimes really cold weather. My kids were driving me nuts needing something to do to release energy so I thought of the bubbles.
 You only need a small amount to go a long way and it pours right into the holder it comes with.
 Because the wand has so many holes, tons of tiny bubbles come out at once and quickly fill the room.
They are fun for the kids (and baby!) to watch.
 Or they can run around swatting at them and maybe even catching a few. One thing I should note about them is that they can leave a little white residue behind once they pop. I tried to get a picture of some that had done that on my son's shirt, but he wouldn't hold still. The mark can easily be wiped off with a rag and warm water. Anyway, I promised more than just bubbles on this post...
The Giveaway - (Closed. Congratulations to Meghan for being our winner!)
I have two 20% off entire purchase at Gymboree coupons. They are one time use codes, so it's not something you can easily find with a Google search. They expire on the 28th, so you'll need to use them quickly. And since I have no idea where the 6 of you that read the blog live, the giveaway is going to be available only for online purchases. I would be worried that if you wanted to buy in store that I might not get the actual coupon cards mailed to you in time. So, if you want one of these, leave a comment and a way for me to contact you (you know, like and email address). I will pick a name Thursday night at 11:00 pm MST, so comment by then to be included. If you win you can go get yourself some of these great bubbles!

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