Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Pretzels

 I absolutely love Family Fun magazine. In the March issue I saw this creative idea for a St. Patty's Day snack. While they used yogurt covered pretzels and white chocolate for theirs, we did things a little differently.
Using the same idea, I got some candy bark (vanilla is what I found at the store, but almond is a good choice too), small pretzels, and colored sugar. I added some green food coloring to some regular sugar, but your might want to use actual decorating sugar because the grains of sugar are bigger and will look better. However, if your kids are like mine and don't care about things like that, then you should be good to go with regular sugar.
Follow the directions on the package of your candy bark to melt it. I used the microwave method and it worked great. I loaded up pretzels with coating and laid them out on the wax paper in a clover shape.
Then the boys tried to cover just the edges with the colored sugar. It was easier said ten done, as I also tried to just do the edges to match the Family Fun pretzels better. Not easy. (In their version they melt the white chocolate and then pipe it onto the edges of the pretzels and add a stem also, so the only wet part is the outer edge versus these pretzels that catch all the sugar drizzled or dumped! on them.)
 Leave them out to dry, break off the wax paper and tap off the loose sugar. We made these last night so that they could be enjoyed all day today.
 After a bowl of sugary (and lucky!) cereal as is our tradition,
I let the boys eat some of their treats.
Make sure to save some plain ones for yourself - they are sweet enough without all that colored sugar!

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