Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raising Raisins

Here is the Raising Raisins experiment from "Rainy Day Play" that I listed previously as part of our Food Theme of the Week
I had never done this experiment before now. We didn't have seltzer water or club soda so I used 7UP instead. It seemed to work just as well since it is carbonated.
Pour some 7UP into a clear glass
Drop in some raisins
And watch them dance around with the carbonation
My kids just stared and stared at the raisins in amazement. I have to say, it was pretty cool. We also went ahead and ate the rest of the raisins and 7UP that we didn't use as we watched.


Alyssa said...

Very cool! I will definitely have to remember that in a few years!

Lettie said...

That is cool. And I am glad you included a video. I think the boys would like this one. Thanks, Rachel!

Nicole said...

Love this!! So cute, I know my girls will LOVE it. Better get us a can of 7-up tomorrow. Thanks for the fun idea. I love the word Bingo too. My almost Kindergartner will love this as a game instead of the flash cards I do.