Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Theme of the Week: Food

For this week we have focused on food. My girls colored this picture:
I drew it to attempt to help them learn the categories of food. They thought it was really fun to talk about what food was good for you and what food was bad for you. I explained that "junk" food we can only have a little of because it doesn't help us grow strong and isn't healthy. I think this Theme was good for me too because ever since we colored this picture they have very closely watched what they and I have eaten. I was drinking a Mountain Dew and they quickly pointed out that it was junk food and that I ought to make sure that I only had just a taste. Ha ha ha. I guess that is the whole point is to teach them, huh?
We then took their plastic/fake toy food and placed it into categories to see if they could categorize by themselves and also remember which foods were good for you or not. They liked this game so much that we have already played it twice with them making me promise that we would play it again.
They were pretty good at grouping the foods.
The six categories of foods that were listed on the coloring sheet.

A few years ago when we had our Food theme of the week, we did this:
It actually was pretty fun. We used carrots, celery, and green peppers. Ours wasn't as pretty as the example but it still made for fun wrapping paper for a present for my husband.
And here are some fun treat ideas that relate to our food theme:
(Click to enlarge)
I know this says it's a good father's day thing, but I thought it would be fun for FOOD week too. (From Family Fun)

And here a couple other fun activities that we hope to get to this week or in the future with our Food Theme of the Week (the first three are from "Rainy Day Play"):
Other ideas:
-Put a full celery stalk in a glass of water that has food coloring in it and see what happens to the celery leaves
-Read: "Green Eggs and Ham" By: Dr. Seuss
-Go out to eat.
-Set up a taste testing station for the family with a variety of new foods to try.
-Let the kids be extra little helpers while grocery shopping and teach them about what to look for when picking out different produce.

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