Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old Skool Games

BOREDOM Busters.....

One of the favorite things we love to hear at our house is "I'm BORED".  
(can you sense my subtle sarcasm??)

For a fun little variation - we decided to introduce the kids to some "OLD SCHOOL" games.  

My parents took an evening and shared some games they used to play all the time when they were little kids.  The best part about these kinds of games is they don't really cost anything and can be done just about any time with any age of people.  

The first game was "Cat's Cradle".  I played this as a kid too...
it was fun to remember old games that even I used to do.
You can find some great instructions on how to do CAT's CRADLE
 The kids had fun trying different combinations with the string and seeing what worked and what didn't.
 The next game we tried was "Button on a String" - you pass the string with a one button attached - trying to fool the person who is it to see who has it.  We also tried "Button Button - Who's got the Button"  - where you fake putting a button into some one's hands and the person who is it has to guess who has it.  (Instructions found here)
  My mom showed us how to make a button "whirl" by pulling it back and forth - the entertained the girls a lot. (Like Lettie blogged about here.)

Another fun old school game was the "Clothespin in a Jar" game.  We had to drop clothespins from our nose and see how many we could get into the jar.  We started getting creative with multiple pins dropping at once.
 how to play is found on THIS SITE
Then we took the fun outside.  We played badminton, kick the can, "Annie I Over", and croquet.  

Take some time out to play some "Old School" games.  It will be so much fun!
No more "I'm Bored"


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