Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids + Camera = Lots of FUN

Sorry for the delay... this was set to post last Wednesday.....Enjoy!

As a Photographer - I enjoy capturing unique perspectives on life.  Most of those perspectives come from me as an adult.  
I love that children have a different perspective on life - and photography is no exception.

 Several years back my sister-in-law gave my son her camera while on a family vacation. He took some of the best pictures of the trip - mostly because they were from a different perspective than normal. Kids don't follow the "rules" when it comes to photography - and that it exactly what makes it wonderful. So a spontaneous shoot my daughter did one day when she snuck my camera - spawned a fun little activity.

Instead of having a standard kid project with scissors and glue - I wanted to think outside the box.

I had each of my kids take my camera and take a bunch of pictures of themselves. There were no rules - other than they had to somehow be in the picture. What turned out was absolutely priceless!

 I think I am going to have them do this every year - maybe at the beginning of the school year or something.

One of the greatest things about this project - was that the kids did something more unique being in a room all alone - then I think they would have with all of us watching.  
Different parts of their personality came shining though.  And unique creativity was born.

So strap your camera tightly to you kiddos wrist and let them create a masterpiece of self-portraits.
And while you are at it - maybe have a little session of your own....let your kids take some fun pictures of YOU.  Your kids will love looking back and seeing how fun their mom was!

My 7-year old daughter took some of these of me...sure was different being in front of the camera.  They had such a great time telling me how to pose and putting different hats on me.  Plus it gave me an opportunity to teach them a little about something I am passionate about.  

It was great to watch them take pictures of each other too.

Your kids will be so grateful you took time out to just capture the everyday fun and teach them how to do it too.  Happy SNAPPING!!!!

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