Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food Friday "Thanksgiving Cookies"

Here's our "Food Friday"  posted a little late...

We had some fun the other day with a little twist on making sugar cookies. 

Supplies are as follows:
*Sugar Cookie dough
*Food Coloring
*Cookie Cutters

You can make dough from scratch if you like - we took the easy way and made ours from a mix.  

Make dough.  Divide into four batches and tint each with food coloring. 
Chill dough for about 15 minutes

Create a multicolored patchwork by pressing pieces from each batch together on lightly floured surface. The kids pinched off small pieces of each color of dough.  We tried to be as random as we could.  
As we pinched off each tiny piece we each said something we were grateful for.  After a while the kids were really on a roll with the gratitude!
Squish pieces together to form one pile.  Smooth with rolling pin (we just pressed it out with our fingers) 

Then cut out shapes with cookie cutters.  
We used some some mini fall cookies cutters we had.
Place on cookie sheets

And bake according to recipes


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