Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mandala Pages

We decided to have some fun "art classes by Mommy" over the weekend.  The kids were excited as I tried to make it seem like an "official" class they were taking.  Our first experiment was with Madala Pages.  A definition of Mandala Art is found HERE.

Working on these type of art pages is said to help you relax - so maybe try it for a much needed "Quiet Time".  It also helps with concentration.

 We simply googled Mandala pages and downloaded several different free pages available from a few different sites.  

Some sites we found with fun patterns are below:

 This is a great tool for teaching patterns and color schemes.  We thought this was a great forum for colorful markers. 

  The kids took to it right away and created some very interesting pieces of art.

I think it would be fun to print the same one off for each child and see how different they turned out.

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Rev. Lynn said...

Great idea for the kids....And nice job....