Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowman Pretzels

Snowman Pretzels!
(we saw the idea on Family
 Supplies Needed:
*Thick Pretzel Rods
*White Chocolate chips (although I think I would use Almond Bark next time for quicker set up time)
*Gum Drop
*Gum Drop Rings
*Mini Chocolate Chips
*Fruit Roll ups (we used the tie dye ones)
*Waxed Paper

We had a gathering with cousins and decided it was a perfect time to make this fun snowman pretzel craft.
Melt white chocoalte (or almond bark)
according to package directions 
 Dip pretzel rods in 1/2 to 3/4 way and let set a bit (this was still pretty sticky)
"Glue" Gumdrop on to Gum Ring to make a snowman hat
and add mini chocolate chips for snowman eyes, mouth, and buttons.

 Cut small piece of fruit roll up for orange nose
We let the kids take creative license with this - and some snoman had lots and lots of buttons :) 

Then cut a strip of fruit roll up for a scarf 
 Wrap around neck to complete the snowman outfit
 It was fun to watch the kids assemble these little treats

 But, by far the best part was eating them.  There was about a 2 minute time span between finishing creating and finishing eating.
They really tasted very good.  We will make them again sometime soon 

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