Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simple Heart Chain

 This project was totally the brainchild of my genius and crafty mom. She was at my house to watch my kids for me while my husband was out of town and I was helping Dana out in her class at Alt Summit (hello to all of visiting from her site!*)
 This heart chain is so easy and just takes a few minutes. It's fun for the kids and adds a nice festive touch for Valentine's Day.
 My 6 year old made the chain completely on his own and demonstrates it above. You just need pipe cleaners. We used red and white.  Take one pipe cleaner, fold the 2 ends together. Flip it around and put a little dent in the top and you've got a heart.
To make the second link, just lace the next pipe cleaner through the first heart and do the same steps as above.
 Continue untilyou run out of pipe cleaners, your kids gets bored, or it is as long as you want it to be.
*I also have a craft blog at Lettiebee.com and at some point with have a few photos up and write about my experience since it fits more along with that than kids crafts.

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