Friday, February 17, 2012

Food Friday: Clementines

 I love all the varieties of fruit you can get fresh in the summer, but there is something irresistible about oranges, especially the little clementines.
 I like to keep a big bowl of them on the table. It's pretty, I have a place to put them, and the kids have access to a healthy snack at all times. I have loved Rachel's post about fine motor skills. As you may recall, I had some concerns with my son too. Once you start paying attention to just how much you use your fingers, I think you'll see situations in every day life that can help strengthen those muscles.
Things like peeling an orange. One of the beauties of clementines is that they are fairly easy to peel. My kids have been peeling their own for a few years.
 All done!
 Not only does the peeling exercise those little fingers, but pulling the segments apart does as well. And the great thing is they hardly even notice all the work they are doing because they are so focused on wanting to eat that sweet little orange!

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