Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bath Time Fun

I know since it is St. Patty's Day it would be most appropriate to post an activity about it today, but we did nothing this year, so I have no new ideas. If you want to see some ideas from years past click here.

What I do want to write about is bath time. Since Pinterest has been getting more and more use as time goes on I start to figure that most of the ideas I see and like, then try and share with you are ones that are not new to you. But, maybe you don't waste spend time on Pinterest at all and this is all new to you. Either way, I love new to me ideas and will still share them if I think they are awesome.
The first bath fun idea of glow sticks in the tub I got from subscribing to Play at Home Mom on Facebook (click on the link, it gives you a ton of ideas for glow sticks). I mentioned them previously and still need to reiterate what an amazing, amazing website that is! The boys have truly never had a more fun bath. In fact, they were in there well over an hour. We had some cheap-o dollar pin glow sticks that I think were pretty old because they didn't glow very well, plus a few really big glow sticks their grandma gave them for Halloween. The big ones were their favorites. I have some fresher dollar ones that I will try out soon.
The other fun bath time we had was with shaving cream. The gist of the idea of putting shaving cream in the tub is one I found on Pinterest. It originally posted at Having Fun at Home. I actually have the book they refer to in the post. Maybe I need to pull it out again. So, they used food coloring in their shaving cream. I went plain and it was still a blast, as you can see.
One fun trick the kids figure out was that if I filled a cup up with shaving cream and they tried to dunk it, the foam would sort of pop out of the cup. Sort of like when you fill a mug full of ice cream with root beer.

My kids always love taking baths. I think that these ideas are ways to reward them for good behavior or just if I am feeling like being an awesome. They are both very inexpensive ways to have a good time and the memories will be lasting. I still remember making water-slides in the back of the tub with my brother and then skating in an empty soapy tub when we were all done. I don't think my parents loved either game (big water mess with the first and soapy, falling over kids with the second), but we did. Anyway, have some fun baths this week and if you see any other awesome ideas, please share with us in the comments.

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