Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crayon Resist

Nothing like revisiting an old classic...

My little one and I had fun with some "Crayon Resist" watercolor projects this afternoon.

Supply list is simple:
*white crayon
*thick paper
*paint brushes

Draw anything you like onto paper with a white crayon 
(I think you could use a pale yellow too if it is really hard to see where you have already drawn - I think we will try that next time)
Then start to water color your picture with any colors that you like.

I found it entertaining how much my daughter wanted the "white" parts to take the color.  I am not sure she fully comprehended the "resist" part of the craft - Ha ha

Turned out some fun little art pieces.

So much fun that she kept making new drawings over and over again.  I loved seeing the look of concentration on her face.

(we have also done this with colored crayons too and it has a fun effect too)

more ideas can be found HERE

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