Sunday, September 8, 2013

Diving into Preschool

I would love to say that this is a "how to" post about ways to run your own preschool or doing lessons plans. It isn't. One of our most popular posts put together by my sister Rachel has a lot of ideas for an at home variety of preschool. You can read it HERE. I actually just started a job last week working at a preschool. Having only done co-op preschool with other moms my first day was a bit terrifying. It  was a huge learning experience too. During my college, and even high school, days I observed several different preschools. I have volunteered regularly in the kindergarten classroom for 2 years and 1st grade for one. I have my own kids and work with kids at church. My bachelors degree is in human development. Despite all this useful stuff, knowing about and doing are definitely not the same.
As I am learning and becoming a legit preschool teacher, I hope to share tidbits along the way. You know how I blog though...sporadically.
As I sort though countless books, blogs and CDs and fill my "just for preschool" Pinterest board, I hope to gain useful knowledge for both myself and maybe you too. So, welcome to my journey. I think this will supplement and not detract from what we already have going on here.

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