Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homemade Journals for Children

Sundays are our family days where we spend the day together at home mostly just playing and enjoying one anothers company. Though my husband & I are not the best at keeping a journal of our own, we try here and there, we wanted to start our children on one and get the in the habit early. We let them create their own personal journals where they could get excited about pulling it out once a week, month etc and write or draw things that they are going though, experiencing and doing in their life.

Two ways we do it is they can either talk to us and we will write in it for them then letting them sign their own names at the end and add what they would like. Or, they draw what is going on in their lives and we will add little notes to them if they are hard to depict so in the future we can look back and see what they were saying. It has been a lot of fun and though we are still far from perfect they are using them and enjoying them.

-Take two pieces of construction paper
-Fill with lined or plain writing paper in the middle
-Staple the paper and construction paper together in book form
-Allow the kids to decorate however they would like with crayons, markers, stickers etc to make it their very own.

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