Monday, September 29, 2008

Tissue Paper halloween to Pumpkin

I remember making these in Elementary School and thought it would be a lot of fun. They are very easy to make. You could even get creative with a Black Cat, Witch or Frankenstein head or anything you desire.
Supplies Needed:
-Orange Tissue Paper
-Construction Paper
-Elmer's Glue/Crafter's Glue
-Paper Plate

-Draw a pumpkin of the piece of Construction Paper
-Cut out 2-3 inch squares out of orange (or whatever color your pumpkin will be) tissue paper
-Take your pencil, place in center of tissue paper square & pull tissue paper up around pencil, hold onto the wrap part, dip the bottom of it in the glue
-Then place dipped pencil onto your pumpkin holding it in place for a few seconds while it sticks to the paper. Slowly pull up the pencil leaving the tissue paper in place.
-Repeat until your pumpkin is fully covered (or as much as you desire)...Do not cover the eyes or mouth.

This is a fun project to do. I would recommend it to ages 4 or older though. Young toddlers it takes a little more coordination. With the holidays that are coming upon us the next three months this is a fun way to start the season. There are many fun stories you could read to your children while making the project or afterwards as they hold and adore their creation.


dana said...

Oh, I LOVED making these as a kid. We normally did it around Valentine's day, but what a great idea for Halloween. I can't wait for Lucy to be a little older to understand all of this.

Lettie said...

Great idea, Nicole!. This showed up in my Google Reader and I thought - yea, a Halloween activity. Not noticing it was our site, I was surprised how the girl in the picture looked so familiar...then I figured it out!