Tuesday, September 30, 2008

T Tree

This was not a success for us, but I still liked the idea. This is a good one to try out when learning the letter "t."
-construction paper (brown, and whatever color you want for the leaves)
-crayons (optional)
While your child is coloring the background page (or in our case, pictures of things that start with "t"), cut out the letter T from construction paper. I made ours the lower case version to help teach it, plus I thought it made for more place to put the leaves.
Let child rip colored paper into small pieces for the leaves. My son chose fall colors instead of green for summer. Pink would be good choice for spring.
Glue ripped pieces along the "t." I would suggest not using a glue stick for this, but something like Elmer's. We just didn't have any for this project.
Ideally there should be more leaves, but some days kids might not cooperate and you just take what you can get!

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Nicole said...

Cute idea. I think your little guy did a good job!