Monday, October 6, 2008

Self Portraits

I would recommend being quite a bit more artistic than my husband and I. Fun project, but takes a little artistic skill in making faces, etc. I would hate for your children to say "Dad, Mom, I look a little upset and kinda like a boy in my face" to you as ours did to us!! =)

This is a fun project & I just can't bring myself to take down the finished project yet. It was fun for my kids to see how big they are (not actual size, but close enough) and then dress themselves in the paint outfits of their choice.
Things needed are very simple and probably already in your art kits. I would recommend wearing aprons when painting.

Lay your child out on any color butcher paper you prefer to use. Trace their little bodies with a pencil as they lay there.

Remove child (duh!) and let them see the outline of themselves. I would recommend them looking straight ahead and being as precise as possible to avoid having to adjust through other methods.

Paint your body and outfit however your kids would like. Their imaginations can get quite creative. We had to improvise with blond hair rather than our girls brown hair. Feel free to mix colors to make the colors you are looking for.

Display on a an empty wall for your kids to see and enjoy!