Sunday, October 12, 2008

Foot Print Ghost & Hand Print Spiders

My sister-in-law sent us this idea and I thought it was very cute so we decided to do it. It is very easy for all ages I would say if you are willing to sit and stamp each child's hands and feet. Makes for a fun cute decoration and even sentimental craft with their little feet & hands.

You will need these supplies for the ghost foot prints

These are the same supplies for the Spider's, just hands of course and a different color than black construction paper & black paint instead of white.

Paint only 4 fingers on each hand, since spiders only have 8 legs. I used a foam brush and acrylic black paint.

Stamp one hand one way and the other hand the other way on top of the first hand print to make the body connect. As soon as I was done stamping I carried them each into the bathroom to wash hands or feet right away to avoid getting it on the floor, wall carpet etc.

Again paint the child's foot and then stamp it onto the black construction paper. Leave space between each foot print in case you would like to cut them out. I stamped each foot.

We cut out the shapes of the ghost and spiders then added googly eyes to give it a more "ghostly" & life like spider feel. I also wrote the name and date of each child so I could keep them in their memorabilia box and look back at how little their hands and feet once were and at what age.

You can display them anyway you wish. We hung them from my girls ceiling to add to their Halloween bedroom decor.

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sandy said...

Those are my fav to do at Halloween time! I love your blog and I just had to tag you. Check out my blog for details.