Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree of Gratitude Centerpiece

Though Thanksgiving is over I thought I would share a couple ideas that I used that we could keep in the archives and refer back to if wanted. I saw this on a website and just thought it was the easiest and cutest thing for my tables centerpiece as well as an activity while my guest arrived.
Gather sticks from your yard and a vase that they will fit in nicely. All different sizes give it a great look.

Find a leaf of your choosing, I chose a maple leaf cut it out and use it as your stencil. I found one online and just printed it off.

Trace your leaf on the colored paper you chose. I used 12 X 12 paper. Then cut them all out. Any extras you won't need to have written on you can spread around your vase for a fallen leaf look to your tree.

At this point I had friends and family members write what they are thankful for and then clip it to the tree with baby clothes pins. I am sure you could use a lot of things to clip it to the branch, this worked best for me. It makes a lovely center piece and a fun decoration.

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