Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy Skeletons

 This is a standard oldie, but goody.
Grab a box of Q-tips, construction paper, scissors, glue, and a marker or crayon.
Draw a circle for the face (or if child is able, have then draw the circle as well) and let your child fill in the facial features.
Glue down the head and draw some glue lines for the bones to go. Again, this is something an older child can do. (You may want to pencil in a skeleton beforehand so they sort of have some guidelines.)
Cut some of the Q-tips in half.
Time to add the bones. This is a good time to let the imagination go and not try to make sure it looks nice.
There could be several variations.
And bones where you never knew they existed!

I also saw THIS varation online this morning.


Meghan said...

LOVE IT. I needed a craft to do this afternoon with the girls...and you posted at the PERFECT TIME. Can't wait to do it ourselves. Thanks for posting!

Rachel said...

Cute. A variation is to cut q-tip ends off and add as fingers and toes.