Monday, October 26, 2009

Wall of FAME!

This idea is inspired  by my Mother-in-Law.  Her boys are all grown and have families of their own now.  In her home now she has a framed piece of artwork they did while they were in Elementary School.  I love visiting and seeing these pictures in her home.  They are priceless.

I will admit, I am a mom who HATES things on my refrigerator.  You will rarely see anything on the front of it.  It will be on the sides, hidden.  I felt guilty about this since my children LOVE to color, craft and create, not to mention all the wonderful things they bring home from school.  So, about 8 months ago I created The Wall of Fame in our home.  It is a blank wall in our hallway right off of all our rooms where we can view and admire my kids artwork multiple times a day.  I love when they create something & say to me, "Mom, can we put this on our Wall of FAME?"  ABSOULTLY!! So until they are grown up & I adopt my Mother-in-laws idea of a beautiful framed picture from when my kid's were little, here is to our Wall of FAME while they are little and we can display whatever they want from home & school.

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