Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FUN with Food


I saw this in a cute Kids Halloween Cookbook. My 3 year old & I made them as a surprise for her sister. They made the perfect after school snack! Mmmm!

Ritz Crackers
Peanut Butter (Smooth or Crunchy)
Chinesse Noodles

***Spread Peanut butter on on cracker.  Put the other on top of it.  Then add your spider legs.  Four hard, chow mein noodles to each side.  Take 1 raisin, cut it in half, add a dab of PB to one side and attach it to the top of your cracker for eyes, repeat to the other 1/2 of raisin)***


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Anonymous said...

That is an adorable idea (and so simple!) love it...
pk @ Room Remix