Friday, October 23, 2009

FUN with Food

Mummy Pizzas:
We made these fun little guys for dinner last week.  I saw this on a local TV news station & just had to try them.  They are easy, festive & delicious!  Sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Start with Rhodes Rolls frozen dinner rolls (or something similar).  Let them defrost & rise, then roll out each one to a 3-4 in circle.  Poke holes in your dough so it doesn't balloon up like a dinner roll.  You can't poke to many hole.  Then apply about 2 TBS of Pizza Sauce (more or less to taste) on top of your dough.

Next have your kids peel pieces of String Cheese, the more the tastier & cheesier.  Mmmm!  Lay them across your pizza to look like bandages.  They can get as creative as they like.  After they laid them on their pizzas I took a knife and trimmed the cheese that hung over the sides.

Next comes the olive EYES.  Take an olive & slice 2 pieces and place then on your mummy for her eyes.

Then place them on a greased cookie sheet & cook them in the oven at 350 for 8-10min.  Your cheese will not be completely melted, add or subtract minutes to your liking. (The first picture on this post is a pizza fresh out of the oven)
Serve & Enjoy!

String  Cheese
Pizza Sauce (About 2 Tbs per pizza)
Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls (1 per pizza)

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