Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Maybe this will make me feel better about my slacking this year. Every year we carry on a tradition that I had as a kid (both a small kid and a big kid!).
Thanksgiving morning the kids watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." They eat what Charlie & co. ate (minus the toast and ice cream - we don't have a toaster and forget ice cream for breakfast - jellybeans are bad enough!)
 Jellybeans, popcorn and pretzel sticks are the snacks.
One year I made this super cute Mayflower boat that I had seen in Parents magazine (I can't find it on their site, but they have other fun ideas for Thanksgiving all the same). I put the snacks inside the boat.
 And we have made simple headbands in the past too. We probably won't get to the headbands or any other fun idea, but I do have the movie recorded on the DVR and the snacks all waiting for Thursday.

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Nicole said...

I LOVE this tradition that you have. It looks like so much fun!