Friday, December 11, 2009

Reindeer Food

For Santa's Reindeer while he is inside leaving presents under the tree!

My girls were asking me what we leave for the reindeer since Santa gets milk & cookies?  I thought this would be a fun little idea to play with.  I have read about all sorts of ideas & like this one the best.

Reindeer Food:
1/2 C or dried oats
2Tbs of glitter (you choose the color)
2Tbs of red & green sprinkles

Mix together in a bowl.  On Christmas Eve sprinkle your lawn (even if it is covered with snow) with your reindeer food for the reindeer to enjoy.  The glitter will sparkle in the moonlight to let them know it is there & lead them to it.  They LOVE oats & the sprinkles add a tasty touch to it.  You can sprinkle it on the roof top, but be sure to use adult supervision.

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Lettie said...

I love it! Sadly we've never even left cookies out for Santa.