Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nativities for Children

 This isn't a project or anything like that. It's just an idea. For those of you that put a Nativity up at your house (or Activity set, like one boy who was recently visiting called it), I think it is a great idea to have one around for your kids to play with. We have a "no touch" one made of ceramic in our living room, but I also have a few cheap sets for my boys to play with. In their room I set up a mini tree (just like I used to have) and put the Nativity sets below it. They have had so much fun with them. I've explained the story behind them, but they have created their own version too.

In their story the angel is really a fairy, two of the wise men are "bad guys," and Joseph likes to box with his Donkeys (can you tell I live with little boys?). We also have a Little People set (which is wonderful!) that stays under the tree inthe living room and they can play with it there. Each night we add a number ot our advent calendar tree and read a Christmas story of some kind. When they are religiously oriented, the boys will pick up pieces from the Nativity set and hold them, knowing that they are part of the story.

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