Thursday, January 21, 2010


Whoa - it's been almost a month since any of us posted. Oops!
Well, I didn't do any other fun crafts for Christmas time, failed on my Santa's Little Helper. He was totally lame this year. Sorry, kiddos.
I'm hoping to start a monthly or bi-monthly theme with my boys, so that should get me adding a little more here.
To not leave this without some other something, I'll just go back to one of my kids' all time favorites: the rice bin.
There are dozens of ways to mix it up and keep it exciting. On this day I brought out some small cheap plastic dinosaurs that they hadn't seen since we used them for our co-op preschool at least 6 months ago. And they are all buried.
We've searched for green things when learning colors.
Buried bones around Halloween.
And when learning about zoo animals played some more hide and seek in the rice.
Those last three are from a site I've long since abandoned, but you may want to look at. I was super good when my older boy was really little to do a theme each week, with an activity or book or project related to it every day. I've been terrible lately (and by lately I mean for two years) and hope to do something like it again.

Non-rice variations that I love:
 Valentine's sensory bin from No Time for Flashcards (and she has other sensory bins on her site too)
Winter sensory bin from Chasing Cheerios 

(And we'd love some feedback on how to improve the site. Besides obviously posting more, what would you like to see done differently? What works for you?)

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