Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wrapping Paper Snowflakes

This is just a variation of your classic paper snowflakes that I saw outside an elementary school classroom and have made with my two small girls (ages 2 and 4) the last two years. Their ability to help has improved a little since last year.Supplies needed:
-Holiday wrapping paper
-Glue (I've used a gluestick or rubber cement)
-8X10 piece of colored paper
-Glitter glue pens (or just glitter on regular glue)

1-Cut our normal snowflake from wrapping paper of your choice. I tried to let my girls help cut the snowflake, but they are little small and got frustrated with that part.
2-Glue snowflake to 8X10 piece of colored paper. They loved using the gluestick and putting the snowflake on however they wanted on their paper.3-Decorate snowflake with glitter glue pens. Like I said, you could use just normal glitter over glue, but that might be a little more messy. My girls loved being able to hold the glitter pens and drawing with them all over their snowflake.Finished product.
I also like to do one.Here are last year's versions.

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