Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Activities you ever gone to a website and just been amazed at how there are people out there that actually DO all the things you'd like to. I regularly read and love A Girl and a Glue Gun and was just awed by how organized she was with planning some fun summer activities. And not just planning, but making the process cute. You must go look at her ideas (and there are links at the bottom of that page directing you to the specific ideas).
 I bought supplies well over a year ago to implement something like this as a daily schedule with my kids...but that would mean that we've actually got a schedule. Things will have to get more organized though. I've got baby #3 due right around the corner (just a month away!). I'm sure to steal some of these ideas from Kimbo and I will share what we like. And when I said I was getting a stack of books from the library for ideas, I wasn't kidding. I did and have renewed most of them to the max. But lately I have been less of a "do-er" and more of an observer.From that pile though I found a winner, Family Fun Crafts.

I love Family Fun magazine. They have tons of ideas on their website, but this book made it easy to access a lot of fun ideas all at once and in a tangible way. I think my boys will especially love it when we try out the painting with water guns!

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