Saturday, April 16, 2011

Theme of the Week: Manners

This last week we worked on manners. For me, it feels really important for my kids to have good manners. I am always getting on them to thank their grandma for dinner every Sunday we eat at her house, or say "excuse me" when needed, or share, etc. I want them to be able to be invited to dinner at a friend's house when they are older and handle themselves with good, polite manners. We did a role playing activity to talk about different times you use different manners.
Each time they could come up with a different scenario they earned a Mike-N-Ike. They really liked the game, and I was impressed with what they came up with.
Here is a picture I drew for them to color and some examples of times to use good manners.
We then made these napkins. I went to the store to buy actual cloth napkins, but really didn't feel like paying $10 for real napkins that we were going to just write and draw on, so I opted for a pack of 6 wash cloths for $2.99 instead. I also just used permanent marker as opposed to the fabric markers suggested. I think I will just make sure I wash them by themselves the first time in case I have any problems.
Supplies. We just used paper sacks under the wash cloths so we didn't write on the table.
I helped by writing the different manner's saying along the edge while they colored pictures on the napkins.
I even got in on the fun by drawing on one.
We spent the week making sure we used our good manners napkins while we ate at the table.

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