Monday, May 2, 2011

Around the World Excursions

This past week I attended a Women's Conference and heard such a cute idea in one of my classes.  A mom of 6 wanted to teach her children about different countries and cultures.  With a family that big I am sure it would be a fortune to travel around the world.  So, she brought the world to her family.  She lived in UT and had to get a wee bit creative to bring other countries to her.  It took time and a lot if research to find things that were similar here to where she lived but she made it work.  I LOVED this idea and knew I was going to adopt in into my own family as soon as I heard it.  You can do this too no matter where you live.  It is so much fun & my kids LOVE it so far, as I am sure yours will too!

So, this weekend we "traveled" to...
 We went to the Tulip festival today with our make believe wooden clogs on.  It was a beautiful day and oh how the flowers around the garden were AMAZING!!  They were so colorful & very beautiful.  It was a lot of fun.  When we got home the kids and I learned 2 Dutch words.  We learn Hallo (HAH low)=Hello and Hoy=Hi.  I think on our around the word excursions I am going to keep in simple with just geetings for the words we learn.  Easier for me & them.  For dinner tomorrow night I am also keeping it easy and making Dutch Apple Sauce for part of our dinner.  If I would have been a little more prepare I would have made something more fabulous.  Next time we "visit" Holland I will for sure.
In addition to all the tulips, we saw geese & baby geese, waterfalls & a whole pond full of large, colorful Coy fish. (they have all of these in Holland too)  I thought they were pretty and brightly colored.  They did have big mouths for fish though, kinda creepy!!.

The kids sure enjoyed our afternoon in "HOLLAND".  The only thing I was missing was a wind mill.  I need to do a little more research, there has got to be at least one in the state of UT somewhere, even it it is at a mini golf park!  =)

It will be fun to see where our next World Excursion is!  Stay tuned!!


Lettie said...

I love it. And though it probably doesn't count too much as a proper windmill. The Old Dutch Store in Sugarhouse has a windmill on the top of the building.

Airyele Rounds said...

Enjoyed your blog as well... You found me and commented, and I visited you as well. :)
You have a beautiful family. :)