Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Animals, Plants, & Mountains

We've been busy checking off things on our list of 100 Activities for Summer
Number 92 is go to the zoo. We have gone not once, but twice! This particular visit was one where zoo members got to stay late. It is always fun getting to watch the animals be a little more active as the sun starts to go down.
I feel like it's almost cheating to count this, but we did visit a garden, which is number 55. We had to cut the visit short for swim lessons. However, we did get to have a little picnic and the boys watched a mama duck and her babies in the vegetation by a pond.  I'm hoping we can go back and spend more time looking at the plants. And if not, the kids can explore my parents' huge vegetable garden.
Go on a family hike was number 31 and it has been 4/5 completed. One night when I had to work my wonderful husband took all three of our kids on a hike. My two amazing boys hiked to the summit of a mountain peak on their own, while their sister snoozed on her dad's back. This one must be repeated. (Don't you hate to miss out family fun?!)

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