Wednesday, June 8, 2011

100 Activities for Summer

Here is the list of idea I have for my family to do this summer. Some probably won't make sense and others might not be available to you (I added alternate suggestions in italics). As I post the projects, I will add links back on this main page. We've already scratched off 3 things from the list, one being the Shadow Tracing I posted yesterday. I know today is scheduled to be an art project, and if I can get it done and posted between our weekly lunch date with dad and work I will. Otherwise look for it next week. (In other words, don't really look for it later today, it is highly unlikely to be here!)
  1. Visit a ghost town
  2. Go to a baseball game
  3. Go to the drive-in
  4. Go to an outdoor movie at the park (or watch a movie in your own backyard)
  5. Squeeze an egg experiment
  6. Ice cream in a bag
  7. Ice excavating
  8. Make frozen peanut butter balls
  9. Make a nature I-spy bag
  10. Homemade shrinky dinks
  11. Kid bike wash
  12. Frisbee golf
  13. I-spy walk
  14. Make gak
  15. Feed the ducks
  16. Go to a splash pad (or any water park)
  17. Make homemade play dough
  18. Go camping
  19. Picnic by "our bridge" (or a place that is special to you)
  20. Make frozen bananas 
  21. Make friendly fireflies (or catch/watch fireflies if you are lucky enough to live where they live)
  22. Build marshmallow structures
  23. Make sidewalk paint
  24. Camp in the backyard in a tent
  25. Go for a train ride (or some mode of transportation you don't normally use - bus, boat, etc.)
  26. Visit a beach
  27. Get snow cones
  28. Make hot rocks
  29. Create a photo alphabet book
  30. Grow grass heads
  31. Go on a family hike
  32. Make homemade popsicles
  33. Build a bird feeder with Grandpa
  34. Make and blow bubbles
  35. Go on a treasure hunt
  36. Play in the backyard pool
  37. Play in the sprinklers
  38. Ride bikes and scooters
  39. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  40. Grow alfalfa sprouts
  41. Trace shadows
  42. Build a marble run
  43. Make a foamerator
  44. Construct a marshmallow shooter
  45. Go star gazing
  46. Make and float a soap boat
  47. Mix Mentos and diet cola
  48. Make a balloon rocket
  49. Play on a slip 'n' slide
  50. Hammer nails into a stump
  51. Make pinwheels
  52. Play mini golf
  53. Find bugs
  54. Send a letter to "someone special"
  55. Make black magic art/Sgraffito/a scratchboard
  56. Draw and sew "string bean" stuffed people
  57. Make a hummingbird feeder
  58. Visit a garden 
  59. Do marble painting
  60. Make thumb print art
  61. Do coffee filter painting
  62. Make cornstarch clay creatures
  63. Go on a family bike ride
  64. Have a stuffed animal picnic with "flat food"
  65. Make an emerald tree boa
  66. Paint with glue and shaving cream
  67. Make fireworks prints
  68. Create twig designs
  69. Make a honeycomb hive
  70. Make sand playdough
  71. Do some corn syrup painting
  72. Build a rubber band board
  73. Go on a color walk
  74. Find floaters and sinkers
  75. Make mudpies & mud bricks
  76. Make coffee filter butterflies
  77. Visit the city library and get library cards
  78. Make rain/glitter bottles
  79. Do" pretty as a peacock" project
  80. Visit a farm
  81. Make "worms at work"
  82. Make a whirligig
  83. Build a bug hotel
  84. Visit the aviary (or go bird watching)
  85. Go fishing
  86. Make newspaper hats/boats
  87. Go on a seedy sock walk
  88. Wash the car
  89. Take apart a machine
  90. Make a garbage viewer
  91. Create a batik with glue
  92. Visit the zoo
  93. Bake cookies in the car
  94. Go geocaching
  95. Have a water drop race
  96. Join & participate in library's summer reading program
  97. Make inside dirt
  98. Make old fashioned phones with cups and string
  99. Attend an outdoor concert
  100. Volunteer or service project

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great list! I need to add some of these activities to our list.