Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Fun: Shadow Tracing

Day one of doing things from our list of summer activities was only a partial success. This was an idea I had seen on Curious George (The Whistelepeg Wednesday episode) and also in a great book you will see me reference a few times called Science Play.
Basically you just need some sidewalk chalk and to be able to get outside and trace shadows every couple of hours. Oh, and do better than me, check the forecast first!
We started our morning with beautiful blue skies like this, but with less clouds.
After lunch time I realized our fun experiment was not going to go as planned. Thankfully it only sprinkled and didn't ruin our tracing.
When you do the first drawing, make a spot to mark where their feet should go and have them face the same direction each time. As the day goes on you can observe with your child how their shadow changes as the sun moves through the sky. I was really surprised at how big the jump between our first two tracing was with only about an hour an a half between them. 
We got lucky late in the evening as the sun poked through the clouds again briefly and added one more shadow tracing. I think we will try this again...on a sunnier day!

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Jamie said...

how fun! love it!!!

Melissa_Loves_Broccoli said...

My kids would love this. Yesterday we stood against the fence and sprayed each other with the hose set on mist and left our dry silhouettes behind, that was a hit, so I bet this will be too!