Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping: Name Signs

I saw this idea along with some other fun camping ideas in the October 2009 Family Fun Magazine. Although camping is on our list of 100 things to do this summer, we went for Memorial weekend, which we do every year. My hope in putting it on the list would be to "force" us to go again during the summer. So, number 18 has not been accomplished yet. 
 As I packed our camping supplies I filled a bag full of supplies for projects and activities, making sure that I had some cardboard (from cereal boxes), glue, yarn and scissors. Knowing that nature would likely be enough fun on its own, I didn't expect to get to too many of them and I was right. As soon as we set up camp though, this project was immediately started.
 We went around gathering "tidbits" of nature - sticks, leaves, small rocks, dried grass, and various other things that I don't know what to call (like the different "stuff" that drops from trees).
I helped the boys write their "name" on their sign with the glue. They both chose a nickname over their real name. Those nicknames (Bug & Bear) happen to fit well with camping. 
One thing I found with the leaves it that it was fun to both put the whole leaf on, but to also crush them up and sprinkle them on.
We waited for them to dry before we could hang them and then put yarn in through some holes at the top of the cardboard (I did this before we left, but you can also use the scissors.)
The signs really were something the boys were proud of and wanted to show off (and keep somehow once we got home!)


Rachel said...

Cute. I really like that.

Nicole said...

Very cute! This would have been great for our camping trip. The girls are always gathering stuff from nature.