Monday, July 4, 2011

Fire in the Sky

If you are just hanging out today and want a last minute/easy project as a pre-show to real fireworks tonight, then grab your glitter, construction paper and some paint. The idea came from one of the preschool or kindergarten "The Mailbox: Yearbook." (I can't remember which years it was.) I love checking them out at the library and maxing out my renewals so that I have time to jot down all the great ideas from the teachers that submit ideas to them.
The original idea suggests an adult dropping 3 colors of paint in the middle of a sheet of black paper and then the child smearing it to look like fireworks. My kids just wanted to do it all on their own, so we used Q-tips and they painted with those.
While the paint is still wet sprinkle with glitter.
Some fireworks are really glittery. His description is that he had to show the booms.
When I saw that I had run out a blue paint I was bummed and then I thought - sure, red, white and blue is patriotic, but fireworks shows are just plain colorful!
Ta-da, your own fireworks display!

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