Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cars Games vol.1 - Pipe Cleaner Pets

So a few weeks back our little crew had a fun 3-day road trip. I was a bit concerned that we could keep all four kids totally entertained during the car ride. We didn't want to just have them watch a bunch of movies - so with some creative ideas we found - we put together a little Car Activity Kit.

Here's our list of supplies:
Colored Pencils
Dry Erase Markers
Aluminum Foil
Card Games
Graph Paper
Pipe Cleaners

We did a lot of fun things with our little

so the first in this little series is......

This little activity kept the kids engaged for nearly 2 hours.
They each picked out some pipe cleaners and
a pair of scissors and set about creating little creatures.

They would cut the pipe cleaners if needed to make limbs and eyes, etc.
Logan made a turtle, red lizard, and a white spider.

Jaxon make a green chameleon and a brown bear

and Ems made a tri-colored caterpillar

Here were some fun tips I gathered for making your pipe-cleaner pets....

Useful Shapes

S- shape
Make a loose spiral shape using two fat markers. Shape the pipe cleaner by winding around the first maker, and then between and around the second marker. Useful to make long curly hair or a dog's tail.
Zig Zag
Fold 1/3 of a pipe cleaner in half. Then bend each half into a small V shape to create the zig zag. Useful for making boy's hair.
Wind a pipe cleaner randomly around a marker to create a bundle. May need more shaping once you take it off the marker.
People Legs
Fold one pipe cleaner in half for the legs. Use a marker to make a loop for each foot.
Spiral a second pipe cleaner around

Wind the pipe cleaner around a marker or pencil being careful not to overlap it back on itself. The spiral could be tight or loose. Useful for people or animal bodies.
Small Zig Zag
Use 1/3 of a pipe cleaner and bend it into thirds. Makes a dog's ear.
Animal Legs
Use on pipe cleaner for each pair of legs. Fold it in half, then use a pencil to make a spiral for each leg.
People Arms
Use 1/2 of a pipe cleaner for the arms. Make a loop with a marker for each hand. Bend the arm part way up to make an elbow. Use a small piece of matching pipe cleaner to make muscles for a bo

Of course - don't just wait for a car ride to have fun with these ideas - they are a great afternoon activity anywhere and anytime.

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